In the midst of superficial messages and visual clutter, I find the urge to clean up, find essence and breathe life into it. This tendency made me shift from being a Brand Designer to a more strategic role in order to find and define this essence for brands, products and services who need to radiate their personality. My ambition is to (re)create an uncluttered base, a solid identity that comes from within, but is made tangible with the right words and design. I worked at LDV United as Brand Designer for over 8 years and developed the visual identities for MNM, Kind & Gezin, Province of Oost-Vlaanderen, Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen and Mediahuis I’ve also worked on campaigns and created subbrands for Veritas, De Standaard, Come a Casa, Pearle, Stad Antwerpen and Opel. At Landor London, a worldwide branding agency, I worked on the new identities for Huntingdon Life science (UK/US), UKTV (UK), Wild Bean Cafe (NL, NZ, SA, AU, US), Experian (UK, US, SA) , Pemex (MEX), Barclays (worldwide) and Etihad Airway Partners (worldwide). Since I moved back to Belgium in 2015 I’ve worked as a freelance designer and did the visual identities and communications for NMBS, JBC, Story, Mayerline, Medialaan, Jim Mobile, Veritas, Lijncom and De Morgen. Next to this, I’m also helping out several Belgian agencies on pitches and retaining clients.

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